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Metal Recycling Depot

Aluminum Recycling, Brass Recycling, Copper Recycling, Steel Recycling, Stainless Steel Recycling, Appliance Recycling, Other Metals (Soft Lead, Lead/Acid Batteries, Copper/Aluminum Breakage).

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Trucking Services

We can arrange trucking services for many locations across BC and Alberta – with some places in Saskatchewan, as well. Call us today for more information. Ask for Ryan or Brett.

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Roll-Off Bins

  • 10, 20, 30 & 40 cubic-yard bins can be placed at any work site in BC.
  • Bins are ideal for construction / demolition / renovation projects.
  • These bins are designed for steel-based product as they are not secure – they are open top bins.


We provide a full range of brokerage services capable of shipping material from any location.

If you are interested in our Brokering Services, please contact Brett or Ryan today.

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Project Consulting

  • Full project consulting on all metal recycling aspects of the undertaking
  • Professional RFPs available upon request
  • Certified destruction of material with photo evidence available upon request

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Scale Service

  • Capable of weighing up to 200,000 lbs.
  • Measurement Canada certified
  • The truck scale is 40ft long, located minutes from Centerm & Vanterm ports.
  • We also have small scales that weigh in 1 & 2 pound increments for small scale needs.
  • For pricing info, please contact Brett or Ryan.

Metal Analyzing

Our InnovX Technologies hand held analyzer can identify all types of metals & alloys.

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